Northern Bound Books is dedicated to crafting quality books and stationary. Each item is completely hand made. For the books – each one is hand bound with an awl and bone folder using traditional techniques. For the stationary – the designs are created using hand carved linoleum. 
What materials are used?
I start with a soft, unbleached linen paper that works great for writing and sketching in pencil or ink – it won’t bleed. This paper is sourced locally from Anchor Paper, which adheres to the FSC and Sustainable Forestry Initiative certifications.The leather used depends on the item, but is always chosen for exceptional texture and durability. 
Want to be eco friendly? Check out the recycled leather journals! For these items, I strive to use leather scraps sourced from other MN leather artists, or leather bought in bulk as recycled.
Book jewelry – while the books themselves are made in the same way as the larger books, the jewelry hardware that I use is Oxidized Brass finished iron. It is not noted as nickel free on the packaging.
Other materials that might be included: PVA glue, waxed linen thread, book board, and book cloth.

Want more?
Each of my items is made as something for you to finish. The books are left blank for you to fill out with stories, journaling, or drawing. Some of my favorite ways to use the journals are as travel notebooks and sketchbooks – most of the stamp designs started as a sketch in one of my books!
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