About me

I’m a part time crafter with a full time job and too many hobbies. Always busy, I love traveling, reading, writing, drinking craft beer with my husband, hanging out with my dog, binging on cheesy crime shows on Netflix, and creating things as much and as often as I can! 

I learned how to book bind in college a decade (or so) ago and fell in absolute LOVE with it.

I gave books as gifts to literally everyone before ending up with so many I realized I had to start selling them or they would take over my house. I work out of my craft room/closet, or more often on my coffee table in front of the TV because my craft room generally looks like a tornado went through it. I’m always interested in learning new things, and am excited to share them with you here!  

 So what are these books about anyway? 

In the age of everyone owning a smart phone and a tablet, it can often feel like books (of any sort) are disappearing. So often at my craft shows, people have to come right up to one of my books to realize what it is (no, it’s not a tablet case). But there are still plenty of us who love the physical form of a book. The most exciting thing I see is that kids and young people in general actually get really excited when they see journals!  

All of the books that I sell are blank. Most have soft leather covers that wrap shut; I do make some hardcover books – but heavily favor leather as a medium. I absolutely love doing custom work! Some of my favorite projects have been working with other people to get them exactly the product that they want. 

Each of my journals is really just the start of a great art project – it’s for you to finish! Whether you are keeping a journal, writing a story, or using it as a sketchbook, these blank books are meant to be an inspiration for whatever you want to create! 

Check back to see some of my favorite uses!

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